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myJaco Merchant

Listing & Placement Sponsor

To become a myJaco merchant, please email us with your store information and the package(s) you're interested in. If you currently don't have an affiliate enabler and wish to find out the benefit of affiliate marketing, we recommand our preferred affiliate partner to guide you through the process.

You can check the FAQ for more questions and answers. You can also use the form below to send your question to us.


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Welcome to Merchant Advertising Program

myJaco is the most comprehensive coupon site with hundreds online merchants, thousands online coupons, deals, and sales everyday. myJaco brings to you the highly targeted online shoppers the most effective way.

myJaco Merchant

We can list your store and discount deals here at myJaco. There are two easy packages for you to subscribe myJaco's merchant advertising program.

Feature and Benefit


One merchant page for your store. This merchant page includes your store name, store description, store banner and coupon/promotion listings. (e.g.
Free coupon listing upon request
Store listing in one or more corresponding categories
Your store will be available to myJaco members for coupon subscription
One-way static link(s) from to your homepage
Coupon search inclusion up to 50 key phrases of your choice
Subscription Fee
(< $0.60 a day)
(< $1.10 a day)
50% Off if we join your
Affiliate Network
(< $0.30 a day)
(< $0.60 a day

To become a myJaco merchant, please email with your store information and the package you're interested in. For fast-listing, please click the above subscription button of the specific package of your choice.

Listing & Placement Sponsor

If you are already a myJaco merchant customer, which means we have created a store page for you with a link under our store index, you are already eligible to participate to our many creative listing & placement advertising programs.


Program & Options
Text Ad
Banner Ad

120 by 60

120 by 600



Home Page
Category Page
All Pages
Search Pages
1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
1 Year
Next Available Space

Category Sponsor is exclusively per category.
Category Sponsor pricing applies to all categories except "Jewelry and Diamond". For "Jewelry and Diamond" category, please contact us for special pricing.
Home-60 is limited up to only 5 merchants.


Newsletter Sponsor (sample)

Place your store name with link to your store page at in every deal notification newsletter we send out, every day. Our members opted in to receive (not spam) the coupon or price drop notification by email. This is the highly targeted online shoppers group you won't want to miss


Rewarding Sponsor (samples: member, visitor, newsletter)

This is a very unique program that gives you the home page prime location with tens of thousands daily visitors. Our statistic has shown that our Rewarding Program is the most unique and effective incentive program that exists today. It attracts our members and new visitors to our home page to check their Rewarding Points everyday, even every hour. You can't be missed. This is an exclusive placement that only ONE merchant can have the chance to own this unbelievable placement at any given time. There is more, we will give you the Newsletter placement for FREE. You definitely would want to secure your position today!


Popular Sponsor (see the ads)

This is the top of the line program we offered to you. Your sponsor link is placed on the first item in the "POPULAR STORES" list and it is EVERYWHERE in the entire site, including search results pages. And yes, you will be the only ONE listed in the entire site at all time.


Category Sponsor (sample)

Place your sponsor link at the top of the pages of one relevant category. This is the unique prime location closest to the top you won't find elsewhere. We place only ONE sponsor merchant on each category page at any given time. If you like to secure your top position, this is it don't let your competitors steal the bargain.


Home-60 (see the ads)

Place your beautiful logo image (size 120 by 60) with link to your store in the right column prime location (just below MEMBER RANKING) on the home page. There is only limited space for up to FIVE merchants to participate. Your position is based on a first-come-first-serve order. Your position will move up when the ad in front of yours expired.


Site-600 (see the big size banner on the left column)

Make your impressive 120 by 600 banner to show off on the left column ADVERTISEMENT prime location (just below the popular stores) on ALL coupon pages, exclusively. We display only ONE merchant at any given time. If you like the maximum exposures, this is your unique opportunity.



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